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We all know the name: self-managed superannuation. Our preference is to think of it as your exclusive retirement fund.

With around a third of the total superannution pool held under SMSF these funds have certainly captured the attention (and retirement money) of many Australians. Our experience indicates that the main reason put forward is for greater control. That said, our experience suggests that a SMSF is not for everyone. 

In our role we are able to assist you with:

  • The analysis required in advance of establishing a fund
  • The investment strategy for the fund
  • The investment and management of your assets
  • The strategic issues facing the fund, including estate planning considerations
  • The preparation required for paying pensions
  • Online access to your total portfolio via our planning system

Our objective is not to remove you from the decision making process, but rather to engage you in the decision making process.

We work with accountants and SMSF administrators to assist you in the day-to-day management of your fund. Note however that we do not prepare accounts or audit the fund. Our role is solely as the adviser to the trustee.

Our ultimate goal is to help you, via your fund, maximise the probability of achieving your goals.

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