At MC2 Wealth the financial planning journey starts with you. It's about us understanding what's important to you and what you want to achieve in life and consequently what you would like to achieve financially.

As with all journeys there are ups and downs, surprises and setbacks. Our collective experience, understanding and expertise is there to guide you each step of the way.

So in a practical sense we assist people on a daily basis with their finances, but what we bring to the relationship is much broader:

  What we do:                                              What we do for you:

Investments including direct equities       Assist you to stay in control        
Superannuation including SMSF Become your eyes and ears
Cash flow planning, budgeting and saving Help you with the mundane
Retirement planning Listen and provide counsel
Aged care planning Provide leadership
Personal insurance Simplify the complex
Estate planning Enable you to focus on what's important


Create your own financial future

The key is to want to create your own financial future...something that is relevant to you and personal to you. There is a lot of time ahead of you to reflect on your decisions, so make them wisely. Today is a good day to start thinking and planning...